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Our elite services for a safer world




About US

MSIPL is an ISO 9001:2008 organization that has established itself as a specialist provider of niche and customized security solutions, for corporates and individuals who have a cognisant threat to their businesses or themselves.

Affiliated to CAPSI as well as KSSA, MSIPL brings with it the latest in technical and strategic solutions, customized to supplement a Client’s business model. The eight arrows represent a 360 degree perspective on all that we associate ourselves with and a constant preparedness as well as willingness to take on any challenge at any time and in any direction. Attention to detail is represented by the grid pattern in our logo, that breaks any opportunity, be it large or small, into smaller and more detailed perspectives. The Ibex in our logo epitomizes resilience along with a rugged and hardy survivalist approach, that thrives in the most precarious and challenging of environments.

  • The MSIPL core team comprises of specialists from law enforcement, intelligence, military special forces and corporate security, ensuring that all services are effective, robust and pragmatic to apply.


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