Maxgrid Securicor (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MSIPL), was established in December 2011, by professionals with over thirty years of multi-faceted experience in the security industry as well as in manufacturing, management and government service, in India and abroad. M.S.I.P.L. is primarily engaged in the business of Security, Advisory & Consultancy Services, Specialized Training and Force Modernization[…]

Vision and Mission

To establish ourselves as pioneers and industry leaders, in global & international Corporate Security Consultation, through unique security matrices that are firstly far reaching and strategically sound, secondly, customized to be in tune with organization specific business goals, and finally, proactive and extremely pragmatic in terms of application and long term sustainability, while at all[…]

Director’s Note

In the Indian context, professionally managed security solutions, especially in the corporate domain, had almost always taken a back seat until the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008. Now, individuals and companies, whether foreign or domestic, realize that there is a very real threat of terrorism reaching their doorsteps. Growing awareness on escalating Left Wing[…]