Client Threat and Abduction

A high risk Client’s location was compromised by an internal threat, resulting in a mob of over 300 agitated people surrounding the area and threatening the client with violence. Specialists from MSIPL extracted the Client and were subsequently pursued by vehicle borne anti- social elements. The challenge was to execute a rescue in as legal[…]


Organized Industrial Theft

An industrialist client was suffering constant losses through theft of critical machinery parts as well as computer accessories. An undercover team was introduced into the client’s operations. Over a period of time, clear patterns were identified and the theft channel was tracked to a residence in a nearby village. The individuals concerned were presented with[…]


Tactical Training

Highly qualified instructors with proven track records have carried out training for Special Units (Government) in Search & Destroy Operations, Jungle Operations, Cordon & Search Operations, Raids & Close Quarter Combat. Corporate Security Teams as well as private investigators have undergone rigorous technical training in investigative skills, security planning & organization skills, both theoretically as[…]


Penetration Tests & Covert Audits

Specially trained teams are routinely tasked with the objective of assessing a client’s security matrix. Teams have successfully carried out physical breaches of Industrial Complexes and High Security Establishments secured by PIR, Sensors, Electric Fences, Guards & CCTV, Multi Specialty Healthcare Centers with confidential data of high profile Clients. The penetration tests are an asymmetric combination[…]


Compliance Based Investigations

Compliance related protocols often create avenues of exploitation for individuals with ill-intent. Specially equipped investigators have not only solved multiple cases of theft and sabotage, through careful assessment of company documentation, logs, reports, financial trails and other clues, but have also helped to create preventive protocols, that provide active deterrence against incidents that have been targeted or[…]


Counter Surveillance

A high profile client offering legal services was constantly facing challenges from another party, who appeared to always be one step ahead in all debates and presentations in court. The frequency and degree of counter arguments indicated something more significant than mere coincidence. A team of specialized investigators carried out a low profile assessment, based[…]