August 13, 2021

Challenges to National Security: An insightful interview with PM Heblikar


National security is part and parcel for a country’s survival.As neo-realist Kenneth Waltz puts, “nation-states prime responsibility is to maximize security for them power is the means to achieve the end i.e., Security.” On one hand, the world resembles a Global village while the other side it shows a more complex and fragmented structure, strengthening military band border security is fanning the flame of insecurities among the rival nations’ leading to Security Dilemma. In the 21st century, the definition of National security isn’t limited to military power but covers cybersecurity, diplomacy, economic prosperity and health and climate in the list too. The post 2nd World-War scenario established an international order which promised to eradicate anarchy and establish peace and security. In today’s context, ‘security’ is the buzzword to protect its existence and identity. But it’s a piquant reality that not every .