September 9, 2016


Maxgrid Securicor (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MSIPL), was established in December 2011, by professionals with over thirty years of multi-faceted experience in the security industry as well as in manufacturing, management and government service, in India and abroad.

M.S.I.P.L. is primarily engaged in the business of Security, Advisory & Consultancy Services, Specialized Training and Force Modernization via Technology Procurement, Installation and Integration.

The fact is that today, businesses can no longer ignore the evolving threats of an increasingly competitive market. Geo-political influences, advances in technology and economic instability have contributed to an environment that is increasingly hostile to new and existing industries.

We believe that detailed intelligence based security assessments along with proactive risk mitigation solutions will enable our clients to safely explore new opportunities, as well as protect existing assets, while remaining insulated from the various risks inherent in each individual venture.